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Wellman Gas Burner Division

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Fishtail Burners - (Oxy-gas/Air-gas)
Single-port/Multi-port Burners - (Oxy-gas/Air-gas)
Grid Burners - (Oxy-gas/Air-gas)
Infra-red Burners - (Air-gas)
Ribbon Burners (Pipe, Cast iron, Fabricated, Machined body) - (Air-gas)
Induced Air Burners - (Bunsen type)
Surface Mix Burners - (Oxy-gas)

Customised Machine Parts & Equipments

Custom machinery and equipment.
Regulators, venturi mixers.
Micro control needle valves.
Shut-off, Ball, Solenoid.
Fire checks, Ball joints.

Scientific Glass Apparatus Products

Vaccum trap.
Oil trap.
Mercury distillation unit.

Wellman Rubber Product Division

Compression bush.
Glass catcher, Ball valve sleeve, Diapharm, Wiping rubber.